Wedding Pricing

These are three wedding packages. They are just provided as examples of pricing ranges. If you like my photography we can come up with a custom package that will provide affordable value, or preserve every second in leather bound books.

Intimate Setting – $940

For small weddings where extra features are not required. You will have my shooting time for up to 4 hours. I will provide a CD with small images for emailing or Facebook. Use the included $100 photo credit to pick the type of prints that you want from the online proofing site. A basic 8×8 hardcover book with a fabric cover is included.

Special Day – $1495

Six hours of my time for candids, formals, reception, or the service. In addition to a CD with small images for emailing or Facebook, you will get an online proofing site where you can see and pick photos for printing. Use the photo credit to pick the images you want to see in print, and included in the album. Price includes a 10×10 hinged paper photo cover wedding book, and an engagement session.

Complete – $2150

Full day of my time for candids, formals, reception, or the service. I provide a CD with small images for emailing or Facebook, and you will get a professionalĀ  online proofing site where you canĀ  pick photos for printing, and select images for the album. Use the photo credit to pick the images you want to see in print. Price includes a 10×10 leather cover wedding album made from thick heavy pages, and an engagement session at a location of your choice.

Includes and Additions

Photo Proofing: I provide an online album to let you select images on your own time. I take the time to select the best images of the day. I still usually post several hundred pictures. The number will usually range from 40-80 per hour. It often depends on the size of the wedding party, the amount of time we have available, the number of separate shooting locations, and the number of photographers. I also love to get together with Brides or others to go through the images and help them select images.

Digital images: People like to share their images, and I am all for that! In all packages I provide a CD with images sized for email, Facebook, or other photo sharing sites. If you would like to purchase higher resolution images with the rights for printing, that is also available.

Photo Printing: I spend a fair amount of time with a color calibrated system to make sure you get the best prints you can. I use a professional printer, and encourage you to get your prints through me. I include a photo print credit in my packages to facilitate this. You are not locked into 4×6’s, wallets, or 5×7’s. You can spend the whole credit on a canvas print if you like. My goal isn’t to take you to the cleaners on printing. I think the prices I charge for printing are fair, and I can provide a print price list to those serious about my services.

Albums: This is a great way to preserve the day. Loose photos work for some, books for others. I have many options for albums, all printed by a professional printer. Books prices vary by binding type, paper type and cover material. It’s safe to say you can easily find the type of book or album you are looking for. Consider parent albums, or smaller albums for bridal party members. You can select images for the album(s), have me select them, or select some “must haves” and have me fill in the rest. Your choice.

Second Shooters: An additional assistant or photographer is a popular addition. An assistant can hold lighting and provides shooting situations that a solo photographer can’t manage (especially if it is windy!). They are also great at catching the hidden moments when the main photographer is busy shooting group shots!

Engagement Sessions: A great way to meet your photographer and get some photographs under your belt before the pressure of the big day. I love to have these sessions. I can remove them if cost is an issue, but they are a big part of creating a connection between you and I. And you get some great pictures that you can use for save the date cards, or print out and have at the wedding.

Trash the dress: We don’t have to ruin your dress! But if you are still not done, have photographs you want in another location, or just didn’t have time for on the big day, we can hold a trash the dress session. You can even book this after the wedding.

One last thing

Weddings are a special day that take months of planning. If you are at all interested in my photography, I would love to meet with you and see if we are a good fit together. Some people just click, and it’s important to have a photographer that works well with you, and is interested in getting the best possible images out of your day.

Were all friends here right?