Portrait Photographs


Family pictures, and pictures of parents and their children. You will see here mostly posed pictures of people and their loved ones. What I hear people want are pictures of their families that don\'t look too posed and stilted. Here are some examples.

16 Photos


Pictures of kids taken outside, on location, inside, and in a studio. They all produce different looks, but each can pull out the personality of your children. The goal is to take the time to find pictures of your kids that feel like them and their personality.

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High School Seniors

Images of high school kids taken on location and in studio. These are just some of the types of images I can take of a high school senior. I want to work with you to create images that reflect the soon to be graduate, that you will keep for many years.

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General Portraits

Head shots, studio shots, night lit portraits and other images of adults. If you are looking for a head shot, or on location shoot, these are some examples of images I have created.

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