Backyard Fun Composite

This was a fun image that I took on July 4th. Funnier still when you know that this July 4th picture has no Americans in it. One big happy Canadian family living in the USA. I thought it would be fun to show how chaotic and fun their household could be, so I came up with this concept. Great timing you say? Well, sort of. It’s staged. All 6 pictures that I took. One for each member of the family. This allowed me to set each one in the correct place, light them separately, and make sure that the parents didn’t actually get wet.

This is a new service/concept that I am offering. The idea being that we will come up with a concept that captures the character of your family, and we will build it together one layer at a time. Sometimes multiple people can be in the same shot, sometimes not. Either way, you end up with a completely unique family portrait you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

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