Eddie and his 75 Nova

Eddie is a friend of mine, and we have plans to take pictures of his family, but before we got to that, I wanted to take pictures of his classic muscle car, and he wanted a new Facebook picture. So we headed up to Mounds View Park in St. Paul just before sunset.

I also took the opportunity to take a few closer portraits of Eddie. I don’t think he was expecting for me to have the camera up close to get pictures of just him, after all, he was here to get pictures of him with his car!

The sky was fairly cooperative. We had rain earlier, and we were hoping for more clouds, but we ended up with enough color to make things interesting.

This was a fun shoot, and Eddie was a great sport. I don’t think that when we headed up here that he was expecting me to take as many pictures as I did, or spend as much time as we did waiting for the sun to go down. But we did, and I think we got some good pictures for our efforts.


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