Baseball Cards for the Pink Azaleas Softball Team

This past spring I was the official photographer for the Pink Azaleas girls softball team. Well, ok, so I was a Dad with a camera and my daughter was playing. I still decided to make the most of the opportunity. Instead of focusing on just my daughter, I took pictures of all the kids. I will reference some of them later.

What I wanted to show you here, was my “baseball cards” that I made for the girls softball team. I took pictures of all the girls that showed up on both a Tuesday and Friday night of one week. I set up lights, and captured the whole group as well as individual kids. I wanted to create something to give to each of the parents that would rival what they could get through whichever group that had contracted to work with the community center. I saw the photos that the other kids got, and I really like what I have in comparison. The matching colors and team name is missing from the other images I saw. They were shot inside on astro turf with a fake background applied in post.

So far I have showed most of the parents their kids photos on my iPad, and they loved them. I will be giving every kid a baseball card and a team photograph tomorrow.

Did you notice that two of the kids in the picture a just a little off. I took pictures of two of the kids on friday, and added them to the picture I took tuesday. It might not pass the mustard for a print magazine, but the parents are all quite happy.

Here is Kate. The other kids all have a card just like this one with their name and number on it minus the logo at the bottom.


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