Steve and Heidi Portraits at Stone Arch

Before the snow melted Heidi, Steve, and I headed downtown to the Stone Arch bridge area. We got there while the sun was still up fairly high, so we used it to produce some sun flair or a rim light in a few images. We walked around the area a bit taking pictures every once in awhile. It did get a bit cold, so we ran into a restaurant on the other side of the bridge in the St. Anthony Main area.

We headed back after dark, having a bit of fun along the way. We snuck into the Gutherie for a bit and took some pictures up on the endless bridge. They both do yoga, and we got some fun pictures of them posed against the the red wall of light. You can find those and some other color pictures up on facebook taken in and around the Gutherie, Stone Arch, and St.Anthony Main areas.


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