Kim and Josh are Married

We couldn’t have hoped for a better day, this being an outdoor wedding. And what better way to start it off, than with a beautiful dress. We started the day by getting some pictures of the bride getting ready at her sisters house. We had brides maids, sister, brother, mother, and father all there at one time or another.

They have two very wonderful girls, and it was sometimes hard to stop photographing them, and remember that it was the brides day! Of course I managed to get a couple of pictures of the girls. The iPad also came in handy. While the chaos of the getting ready was going on, I handed one of these little girls my iPad to play with. It’s a great “how to keep a kid occupied” tool.

Here we are at the wonderful Baker park for the ceremony. The weather was almost perfect. We had a little bit of wind and blowing veils to deal with, but we couldn’t really have asked for a better day. It was a nice bright sunny day. Maybe a little bit too bright, as people were often squinting, but sun is better than rain!

I was very glad to be apart of this wonderful day for Kim, Josh, and their whole family. It was a very nice small intimate wedding. They were all very nice people, and I think the big smiles on their faces shows how happy they were that day.

There are more images in a gallery here.

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